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Benefits of Membership

ACEC/MW membership provides access for your firm and its employees to enjoy myriad membership benefits, including:

Networking and Teaming – Connect with firms that will complement and expand your firm’s capabilities. Membership and participation in ACEC/MW establishes you as part of the local, as well as national, engineering community. Information exchange, especially through the website and exclusive “Members Only” section, and communication with peers and colleagues enable ACEC/MW member firms to practice successfully and expand their business opportunities. When looking for teaming partners and developing business partnerships, ACEC/MW member firms look to other ACEC/MW members first.

Client Interface – Interact with clients and potential teaming partners while participating in ACEC/MW’s market-sector oriented committees and subcommittees. ACEC/MW members work directly with clients to better understand their requirements and assist – as the consulting engineering industry – in shaping guidelines, contract clauses, and other vital business components.

Legislative Representation - Voicing the business interests of the consulting engineering community to local, state and federal agencies and officials, ACEC/MW seeks implementation of legislation and policies for a more favorable business climate. Member firms may participate on ACEC/MW’s legislative committee and have the opportunity to communicate the legislative agenda directly to policy makers.

Programs and Education Opportunities – Seminars, management training, and business development programs are offered regularly to ACEC/MW members and are based on the engineering community’s business needs.

Business Services – Expenses such as insurance policies, employee retirement benefit programs and express mail are normal costs of doing business. ACEC/MW regular members are able to access numerous programs which provide these services, and more, at reduced rates.



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