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JUNE 2010 Edition


I want to express my gratitude to our member firms for the blessing of serving as President this past year. Your support during this time of great economic challenges for our industry is a real testimony to the quality of leaders in our members.

In many ways the ACECMW is in the most enviable spot across the nation. This past year, our networking luncheons have been a great success thanks to the planning by our Program committee and execution by our Executive Director. We hit the mark, because you all responded with great interest in business opportunities fueled by the Federal Government spending. Your Board of Directors and Executive Director have been keenly aware of the tough economic challenges facing our membership and have worked hard to contain or reduce costs and balance our budget. I am pleased to inform you that ACECMW is in excellent financial health and will not increase dues in 2010- 2011. We are also in excellent hands with the incoming Board and Committee leadership.

Our fiduciary soundness has allowed us to tackle import issues critical to our industry nationwide. This year we helped to fight off a significant court suit that could have had significant long term impact on us all. Thanks to the excellent help from expert council and a small team of Board members, our Amicus brief helped win an important victory in the Virginia District Court. Had the case gone the other way, our firms could have been subject to direct in state lawsuits while working for Federal customers.

The committees have been active in continuing industry and agency partnerships at the federal, state and local levels. Our Transportation Committee leads the way with excellent rapport with VDOT and DDOT. Of note our transportation committee also sponsored the two week NHI Bridge inspection training course. The course was a resounding success, even though it was conducted during the weeks of the DC Metro area record February snow storm. We expect to sponsor more of these types of training in the future.

We have continued our achievements with recognition at the ACEC National Conference for meeting our PAC goal. Our political activity continued last month when representatives of ACEC/MW attended ACEC’s National Conference and the Consulting Congress Day in Washington, during which we promoted ACEC’s Legislative Agenda by meeting with the members of our Congressional Delegation. Our industry must be aggressive, with important initiatives such as transportation and water infrastructure funding before Congress and a looming 3% withholding by government clients on the horizon.

Finally, our recent Annual Conference on June 8th gave us the opportunity to gather in record numbers to hear about the local economy and market trends and allowed us to renew our commitment to work as a team to achieve the many business, legislative and education goals ahead of us. Our educational sessions at the annual conference were both excellent and well received.  If you were not able to attend the conference or the briefing on the new certification process for Infrastructure sustainability you can find these presentations on the ACEC/MW website under Event Recap.

I would be remiss if I did not give special thanks to our awardees from the luncheon at the conference.  You can see more on them further down in this newsletter.  I would also like to highlight another major accomplishment that the association was able to be part of, not only for one of our member firms, but for firms across the country in dealing with legal precedent relating to limitation of liability in Federal contracts.  To learn more about why this issue is important to our members, Click Here.

Again I owe each of you many thanks for the opportunity to work with you. Our new President, Eric Rehwoldt and to the Board have great plans ahead and will move us forward in new and creative ways. I am looking forward to supporting them and seeing you at the 2010-2011 ACECMW events. 

David Greenwood, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
2009-2010 ACEC/MW President

A Special Thanks to our Annual Conference Sponsors
(in alphabetical order):

A. Morton Thomas & Associates, Inc HNTB Corporation
AECOM Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
Alpha Corporation Kim Engineering, Inc.
Ammann and Whitney McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc.
Cagley & Associates, Inc. RK&K
CH2M HILL Schnabel Engineering, Inc.
ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC Straughan Environmental Services, Inc.
Greenhorne & OMara, Inc. The LPA Group Incorporated
Haley & Aldrich, Inc. The Reprographic Products Group


ACEC/MW Board of Directors 2010 - 2011

President and Alternate
National Director

Eric Rehwoldt, P.E., P.G.
Schnabel Engineering
Director 2009 - 2012
Jerry Kavadias, P.E.

A. Morton Thomas & Associates, Inc.. 
Gregg W. Spagnolo, P.E., C.P.D.
AECOM Design
Director 2010 - 2013
Simon Simon, P.E.
Greenhorne & O’Mara
Vice President 
Stephen Walter, P.E.

Director 2010 - 2013
Martha Kemp
Volkert Inc.
Johann Dobak, P.E., LEED AP
Alpha Corporation
Immediate Past President
and National Director 2010 - 2011
David Greenwood, P.E.
Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Director 2008 - 2011
Louis Robbins, P.E., DBIA

Executive Director
Hugh "Mac" Cannon, CAE

Director 2008-2011
David Eakin, P.E.
Setty & Associates, Ltd.

ACEC/MW Committee Chairs 2010 - 2011

Environmental Committee
Hunter Loftin
Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Membership Committee
Angela Marchetti
Schnabel Engineering
Facilities Committee
Hamid Riahi
Haley & Aldrich, Inc
Program Committee
Tracy Allen

ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC.
Joe Monahan
Alpha Corporation
Legislative Committee 
Bob Henchbarger

Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Transportation Committee
Fred Wiker
A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc.


The ACEC/MW committees have been very active throughout the year in meeting our strategic plan goals. In this issue, we update the achievements and key activities of each committee:

Environmental Committee:
The committee plays an important role in building and enhancing ACEC/MWs relationships with affiliated associations, clients and local government agencies within the region. The committee discusses and tracks such issues as: sustainability, green building, energy efficiency, storm water management, wastewater management and more.

Client agencies being targeted for meetings this summer and fall include:  Fairfax and Montgomery Counties, along with the District Department of the Environment, WSSC and DCWASA.

The Environmental committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month.
The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th. 
Please contact the Committee Chair, Hunt Loftin if you would like to participate on this committee.

Facilities Committee:
The committee plays an important role in building and enhancing ACEC/MWs relationships with affiliated associations, clients and local government agencies within the region. The committee is in the process of planning meetings with local clients (counties and government agencies).

Members of the committee recently attended a meeting with Arlington County.  This was a well attended meeting resulting in a better understanding of the county staff with the organization and how our members can help to solve some of the issues facing various departments.  These meetings are extremely valuable to the association, our members attending and the representatives from the client agencies. The committee has a goal to meet with at least one client agency each month of the year and targets:  the Federal government, state agencies, local municipalities, the National Park service and colleges/universities and metro area school systems.

If you are interested in learning more and possibly attending these client meetings, please consider joining the committee.

The Facilities committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month.
The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 21st. 

Please contact the Committee Chair, Hamid Riahi if you would like to participate on this committee.

Membership Committee:
The committee continues to successfully bring new firms into our membership and to strengthen the involvement of employees of each firm.   The committee will continue to prospect for additional firms to join. If you have suggestions on firms that you would like the committee to reach out to for membership or if you would like to participate on the committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Angela Marchetti.
The committee meets the 3rd Friday of each month via conference call. The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, July 16th.

Program Committee:
The mission of the ACEC/MW Programs Committee is to conceptualize and plan monthly Business Opportunities Luncheons, seminars, an annual meeting, breakfast roundtables and special events. 

The Program Committee is proud to have provided such a well received slate of programs throughout our member year, culminating in another successful annual conference.  The high level of attendance and involvement in these events is indicative of the importance and relevance of the topics discussed along with the unique chance to network with potential clients and business partners.  The committee thanks the membership for their attendance at this year’s events and will continue to work to bring you interesting opportunities within the design and construction community to network and prospect for additional business.
The Program committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 13th. 

Please contact the Committee Chairs, Tracy Allen or Joe Monahan if you would like to participate on this committee.

Transportation Committee:
The mission of the ACEC/MW Transportation Committee is to monitor, advise and educate ACEC/MW members and local/state transportation officials in Metropolitan Washington DC regarding issues of importance in the transportation engineering and planning community.

The Transportation Committee is comprised of five standing subcommittees including DDOT subcommittee, VA subcommittee, Rail subcommittee, MD subcommittee, and Aviation Subcommittee.  The Transportation Committee has been very active during the fall and winter with several quarterly meetings with VDOT, DDOT, DPRT, and adjacent Northern Virginia Counties.  ACEC/MW has jointly participated in ACEC/MD meetings with Maryland Counties including Prince Georges and Montgomery.  These meetings have generated a better understanding of how each agency operates their selection policies and processes, and short term/long term business opportunities.  We have offered advice on such topics as specifications, errors and omission clauses, refinements for invoicing, MBE percentage determinations, QBS selection, etc.  We have been proactive in assisting agencies such as DDOT and VDOT, both technically and financially, in conducting Quality Forums and DBE Forums.
Committee membership is indicative of our industry with large, small and DBE firms represented.  Through our meetings, we learn updates from the state, local and federal levels on what is vital to the engineering business community. 

The Transportation committee meets the last Friday of the month.
The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, July 30th. 

We encourage participation from every member firm. If you are interested in becoming part of the committee, please contact Executive Director, Mac Cannon or Committee Chair, Fred Wiker.


The interest in our luncheon topics and speakers continues to be very strong – here are some highlights from our last three luncheons:

~ Thursday, April 15th ~
~ DC Governments & DC Agencies Luncheon ~

On Thursday, April 15th at Clyde’s of Gallery Place, Washington DC – more than 130 attendees heard updates from our slate of speakers pertaining to business in the District.  More information below:

District Department of Transportation
Gabe Klein - Director of DDOT

District Office of Planning
Harriet Tregoning - Director, Office of Planning

District Water & Sewer Authority 
George Hawkins - General Manager
Gus Bass -  Manager, Engineering Management Services Branch 

If you are interested in any presentations from the luncheon, please go to the ACEC/MW Event Recap Page.

ACEC/MW Luncheon networking at its best.  The 130 attendees took advantage of the time with their colleagues.

Harriet Tregoning - Director of the Office of Planning for the District of Columbia.

Gabe Klein – Director of DDOT fields a question from the audience.

George Hawkins (General Manager) and Guss Bass of DCWASA address the long term planning for the region.

ACEC/MW President, Dave Greenwood of Michael Baker Jr., Inc.  thanks those in attendance and the sponsors for helping support the organization and these events.

~ Thursday, May 20th ~
~ Local Governments Luncheon ~

On May 20th at Maggiano’s Little Italy, Tysons Corner, VA – more than 85 attendees heard from our speakers about Local Government Updates and Future Opportunities in the region: 

Prince William County
Tom Smith - Solid Waste Division Chief, Department of Public Works

Fairfax County 
James W. Patteson, P.E. - Director Department of Public Works & Environmental Services (DPWES) 

 Loudoun County
Cheryl L. Middleton, CPPB - Asst. Purchasing Agent
Department of Management and Financial Services
Office of Procurement

James Rauch - Division Manager
Construction and Transportation Division
Department of Construction and Waste Management

If you are interested in any presentations from the luncheon, please go to the ACEC/MW Event Recap Page.

President-Elect, Eric Rehwoldt of Schnabel Engineering gives an overview of the luncheon topic and notes some specific association accomplishments for the audience.

Tom Smith, representing Prince William County addresses the audience.

Cheryl Middleton and James Rauch joined us from Loudoun County and discussed procurement guidelines and upcoming construction projects in the pipeline.

Newly seated Director of the Fairfax DPWES, James Patteson gave a well presented talk on what Fairfax is planning in the currently economy moving forward.

~ Tuesday, June 8th ~
~ 2010 Annual Conference ~
Engineering for a Sustainable Economy”

On June 8th at the Bethesda Marriott, Bethesda, MD – more than 145 attendees and speakers, representing over 65 Firms and Agencies heard the latest from an impressive array of speakers and sessions focused on our region and the importance of our industry: 

Keynote Presentation –
Stephen Fuller – George Mason University Center for Economic Analysis

Virginia & DC Transportation Session
- William Cuttler, P.E – Assistant District Administrator - Preliminary Engineering, Northern Virginia District (VDOT)
- Karina Ricks, Office of Transportation Policy and Planning Administration - DDOT
- Corey Hill, Chief of Public Transportation - VA Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT)

Energy Industry Analysis and Trends Session
- John Simpson, Office of High Performance Green Buildings - General Services Administration (GSA)
- Kurt Knight, Director Facilities Quality Office, Office of Construction & Facilities Management  - Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
- Monjed Barakat – Vice President, Engineering - PEPCO
- John Morrill – Energy Manager - Arlington County

Maryland Transportation Session
- Steve Silva, Office of Engineering and Construction (MTA) 
- Kirk McClelland, Director - Office of Highway Development - MD State Highway Administration (SHA)
- Bruce Johnston, P.E. – Chief, Division of Transportation Engineering, Department of Transportation, Montgomery County

Federal: Department of Defense Session
- Thomas H. Cox, P.E., Capital Improvements Design Product Line Coordinator - (NAVFAC)
- Lucian Nemyer, Senate Armed Services Committee (BRAC)
- MOHAMAD HASSAN, Ph.D., P.E., - Chief, Engineering Division AFDW Civil Engineer Directorate of Logistics, Installations & Mission Support Air Force District of Washington - USAF

Emerging Leaders - Change Leadership
- Johnathan Ward, PCC, VP and Senior Consultant - Talent Management Consulting

Professional Certification Primer --- Sustainable Design (ASCE, ACEC, APWA)
Co-Sponsored with ASCE

- Craig Farkos, Sustainability Chair for ASCE National Committee
- Richard Wright – Chair, ASCE Professional Sustainability Certification Subcommittee
- Carol Bowers – Chair, ASCE Sustainable Infrastructure Project Rating Tool Subcommittee
- Jeffrey Beard – ACEC Lead, Sustainable Infrastructure Project Rating Tool Subcommittee

If you are interested in any presentations from the luncheon, please go to the ACEC/MW Event Recap Page.

The 2010 ACEC/MW Annual Conference drew over 145 attendees from around the Metropolitan Washington Area

The conference keynote speaker, Dr. Stephen S. Fuller, PhD. Describes the Washington area economy expectations in contract to that of the rest of the nation.

Attendees filled the room for our Keynote session on the economy and had some very good questions for Dr. Fuller.

This is the third year that ACEC/MW has co-sponsored this conference with the SAME DC Post.  Captain Ben Pina addresses the audience.

ACEC/MW 2009-2010 President Dave Greenwood of Michael Baker Jr., Inc. welcomes the award luncheon attendees and delivers his “State of the Association” address for the 2009-2010 member year.

Outgoing Board Member Courtney Brown of CH2M Hill (2008-2009 President) is given an award for her exemplary service.

ACEC/MW member firm of the year went to Greenhorne & O’Mara – receiving is Board Member, Simon Simon of Greenhorne & O’Mara.

Program Committee Chairs Tracey Allen of ECS Mid-Atlantic and Joe Monahan of Alpha Corporation both received the associations Impact award for their tremendous efforts guiding the Program Committee.

The President’s Award went to Transportation Committee chair Fred Wiker of A. Morton Thomas & Associates.  Fred has served tirelessly and will continue as committee chair next year.

National ACEC President, David Raymond inducts the 
2010-2011 ACEC/MW Board of Directors.

David Raymond, ACEC introduces the ACEC/MW 2010-2011 President, Eric Rehwoldt of Schnabel Engineering.



  • August  19th  -- Environmental:  Water/Wastewater Networking Luncheon (Maggianos at Tyson’s Corner) Register Now
  • September 16th  --  Virginia Transportation Networking Luncheon (Maggianos at Tyson’s Corner) Register Now
  • September 23rd  -- “FORE in the Fall” Golf Outing (1757 Golf Club in Dulles, VA)
If you are interested in being a sponsor for any of our events, please contact ACEC/MW Executive Director Mac Cannon.


We would like to welcome our newest member that has joined us in the most recent months.

A. D. Marble & Company ~ Owings Mills, Maryland
EBA Engineering, Inc.  ~  Fairfax, Virginia
Specialized Engineering ~ Frederick, Maryland
Walter P. Moore  ~ Washington, DC


Calling all volunteers! The goal of ACEC/MW is to share the benefit of our committee work with each member firm.  Many of our firms are on multiple ACEC/MW committees and understand how their dues dollars translate into business opportunities from this committee work.  Where else can you meet face-to-face with potential clients as a group of engineering firms, to voice your concern and suggestions on engineering business issues?  Not only will you benefit from client interaction, but from the updates and networking found within these committees.  Please consider tasking an employee from your firm to participate on any one or all of our 6 committees.  Each committee is open and will welcome new volunteers.

Dont let another month go by get plugged in and join a committee.  Please contact Mac Cannon to join a committee.


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