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Thank you for taking the time to review and score these projects ahead of our Review Session next week.  It is ideal for us to have responses back into the office no later than Monday, December 10th.  ACEC/MW is very appreciative of your time and expertise in judging this years submittals.  We look forward to the results as do the firms that submitted this year.

Please note that this page is not available to the public and is meant to be used strictly by our judges in order to review the materials submitted per each project.  Below you will find instructions and background material on the competition and links to materials associated with the project itself.  If for any reason, you have a question or if a link may not be working or presenting the correct information, please let me know.  Your review of these projects can be done at your leisure any time of day.  The goal for this panel is to have each of you judges the 14 projects individually per the instructions, then we will plan to meet together in person over lunch next week at National Harbor to discuss our findings and combine the scores to come to our final winners of the competition.

Again, your expertise and background in the design & infrastructure will certainly be appropriate for this competition - please enjoy the projects, they are often innovative and challenging.  Also please keep in mind that these projects are important to the firms submitting for recognition and professional purposes - please keep the information herein to yourself as best you can so that we can honor the privacy of these submittals and the integrity of their client relationships.

In the event that you were or are involved in one of the projects, please go ahead and score it and your scores will be omitted from our final scoring at the review session.

Again, thanks for your time and please enjoy what the Washington Metropolitan Region has to offer!  While you are at it, take a short look at the national competition via the link below, to get a sense of what this competition is all about.



The ACEC/MW Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) competition recognizes engineering firms for projects that demonstrate a high degree of achievement, value, and ingenuity and provides Metropolitan Washington area firms the opportunity to obtain regional – and possibly national – recognition.   Please note that the Regional ACEC/MW Competition mirrors the National Competition in terms of content and criteria.  So that our award winners are better prepared to submit to the National Competition.

2013-2014 National Call for Entries

Click here for more information about the National Competition

2013-2014 ACECMW - EEA Criteria

Judges Evaluation Spreadsheet 


2013-2014 Project Submittals:

When evaluating these projects, please use the tally spreadsheet provide to track youyr scores and when finished with all the submittals, please email that file to me ahead of our meeting.  Please consult the 2012-2013 ACEC/MW - EEA Criteria file noted above for more details about what we are scoring and what the submittals should be addressing. In addition, please note that the length of submissions may vary, but that you are judging on how well the submittal addresses the criteria.

Joint Interagency Training & Education Center
   ~ AECOM
  Final Doc for Download

Witter Field
   ~ AMT

  Final Doc for Download

Stoney Creek at NIH
   ~ AMT

  Final Doc for Download

Telegraph Road Interchange/Mainline Reconstruction
    ~ Dewberry
  Final Doc for Download

Net Zero Energy Residential Test Facility
    ~ EBL Engineers, LLC
  Final Doc for Download

I-495 Express Lanes
   ~ HNTB
  Final Doc for Download

11th Street Bridges Project, Phase 1
   ~ JMT
  Final Doc for Download

Telegraph Road Park & Ride Facility 
   ~ JMT

  Final Doc for Download

Sheikh Zayed Street Project
   ~ Louis Berger

  Final Doc for Download

National Academy of Sciences
   ~ Robert Silman Associates

  Final Doc for Download

Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing
   ~ Robert Silman Associates

  Final Doc for Download

Nationals Park Operations/Parking Plan
   ~ Sam Schwartz

  Final Doc for Download

Florida Ave./4th, Penn & Neal Streets
   ~ TY Lin International

  Final Doc for Download

 RSA Toolkit for Federal Land Management Agencies & Tribal Governments
   ~ VHB
  Final Doc for Download

Huntley Meadows Park Wetlands Restoration Project
   ~ Wetland Studies and Solutions

  Final Doc for Download

CSO Control Projects Divisions C - CSO 019 Overflow and Diversion Structures
   ~ Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP
  Final Doc for Download



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