Engineer Spotlight: Leo Dumond

For 2022 Engineers Week, we are highlighting some of our awesome member engineers.  Wednesday's spotlight: Leo Dumond of FOXXSTEM.


  • Name: Leo Dumond, PE, SE, CCCA
  • Company: FOXXSTEM       
  • Title/role: Structural Engineering Lead
  • Hometown & Current town: Hometown = Miami, Florida; Current town = Columbia, MD
  • Alma Mater(s): Undergrad = Howard University; Graduate School = The George Washington University
  • Family/pets: One son = EJ Dumond, Wife = Laura Dumond, and a guinea pig = Chubbs
  • Favorite DC-area restaurant: NuVegan / Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant 
  • Favorite DC tourist destination: Various area farms
  • Favorite travel destination: Florida
  • Food you always crave: Freshly baked bread
  • Favorite app: YouTube
  • Currently binging on Netflix: None. I'd rather spend that time learning something new on YouTube.
  • When I'm not at work you'll find me: Spending time with my family and friends
  • Dream job: Great paying work somewhere in a politically stable African country, designing and constructing bridges & buildings. 

Let's Get To It……

  • What got you into the engineering industry and what keeps you here? 
Curiosity brought me to engineering. I always loved to know how things are manufactured and how various machines work. What keeps me here is that I've come too far to turn back! Actually, I'm just driven by a continued curiosity about the world we live in.
  • What is your area of expertise within engineering, and what drew you there? 
Structural Engineering. I was drawn to it by the analytical challenge of designing structures, and the fact that structures are the backbone of a nation's physical foundation.
  • What inspired you to join ACEC and what are you hoping to get out of your membership? 
I love to network with business-minded people with practical experience. 
  • What has been the most valuable part of your membership so far? 
Networking and keeping up to date with what's happening in our industry.
  • What has been your favorite ACEC/MW or ACEC event? 
I don't have a favorite.  Each one is unique and valuable.
  • What part of the ACEC/MW mission to Educate, Engage, and Advocate most resonates with you and why? 
Educate. I spent time as an adjunct professor at Howard University and still enjoy sharing my knowledge with the current students.
  • What's the most valuable thing you've learned through ACEC (an event, speaker, or fellow member)? 
Keith Foxx delivers.
  • Best work-related advice you've ever received? 
If you take care of the small things, then the big things will take care of themselves. 
  • Who is your professional idol? Why?  
Two guys: Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, because of what I view as their commonsense approach to evaluating good businesses. 


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