Engineer Spotlight: Gregg Spagnolo

For 2022 Engineers Week, we are highlighting some of our awesome member engineers.  Thursday's spotlight: Gregg Spagnolo of North Arrow.


  • Name: Gregg Spagnolo
  • Company: North Arrow
  • Title/role: Owner
  • Hometown & Current town: Boston, MA & Bethesda, MD
  • Alma Mater(s): University of California, San Diego
  • Family/pets: married with two the moment no pets despite the pressure from the boss
  • Favorite DC-area restaurant: Tia Queta
  • Favorite DC tourist destination: Lincoln Memorial
  • Favorite travel destination: Clearwater FL
  • Food you always crave: Homemade pasta and bread
  • Favorite celebrity/brand to follow on social: I spent a lot of time in LA...try to follow this stuff
  • Favorite app: Waze
  • Favorite movie: American Graffiti
  • Currently binging on Amazon: Jack Ryan
  • When I'm not at work you'll find me: building or fixing something
  • Dream job: I am doing it.  ENGINEER...ok, getting paid to golf or fish can't be all bad

Let's Get To It……

  • What got you into the engineering industry and what keeps you here?  
I like to build or fix things.  Taking concepts to reality is way fun for me.
  • What is your area of expertise within engineering, and what drew you there?  
MEP (mechanical, electrical, and pluming) engineering.  I got started as a little kid building mini-bikes and go-carts then moved on to cars (before we could legally drive).
  • When and why did you first join ACEC/MW, and what keeps you coming back?  
We had a couple of senior leaders in our firm that participated.  They suggested I get involved.  After that I blame Debbie Orsak (Cagley & Associates).  Hope she is reading this.....I keep coming back, because I keep learning new things and have created a lot of long lasting relationships.
  • What advice do you have for our newer ACEC/MW members about getting the most out of their membership?  
Be involved with both the local member organization like Metropolitan Washington and National.  The organization is quite large; broaden your network.  It is worth it.
  • What has been your favorite ACEC/MW or ACEC event?  
I have always enjoyed the National Spring Conference.  There is so much going on.  Rest up.
  • What part of the ACEC/MW mission to Educate, Engage, and Advocate most resonates with you and why?  
Advocate.  To me, ACEC is about the business of engineering and being in Washington DC this just felt like a natural fit.
  • What is your favorite ACEC memory?  
Being elected as a Fellow in American Council of Engineering Companies.  The other memories aren't fit to write about.
  • Best work-related advice you've ever received?  
I have a million of these from a boss that must have dropped a one liner every time I saw him.  Let's just go with “Perfect is the enemy of good [enough].”


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