COVID-19 Message from Executive Director

On behalf of the ACEC/MW Board of Directors, I would like to share the following information with you in regard to the current health environment in which we find ourselves and its effects on our businesses. The Board will continue to be cautious and considerate of our members and their employees as we continually evaluate and respond to the current conditions.
ACEC/MW will remain fully open and operational during the coming weeks and we will continue to update this page with useful links for your reference. Our staff is in close contact with ACEC National and as such we have a multitude of information to share with you.
We have a wealth of information listed below; please consider bookmarking this page so that you can some back often to be informed. Additionally, please make sure to follow us on Twitter (@ACEC_MW) and LinkedIn (ACEC Metropolitan Washington) for the latest.
If there is anything that our office can help you with, please let us know.
Take care, remain safe and be smart!

- Hugh "Mac" Cannon, MPA, CAE
ACEC/MW Executive Director