DC Engineers PAC

District of Columbia Engineers Political Action Committee (DCEPAC)

When ACEC Metropolitan Washington (ACEC/MW) revised and updated its strategic plan, three fundamental goals were established: Educate, Engage, and Advocate. Establishing and fostering a climate with our elected officials so that the interest of our engineering companies is protected is critical to the success of our strategic plan goals.

ACEC/MW established the DC Engineers PAC (DCEPAC) as the primary tool for our engagement with elected officials and political candidates, within the District of Columbia, with the sole purpose to support and elect candidates who support the policies and legislation that benefit our engineering industry.

The DCEPAC is overseen by a Board of Trustees that are appointed by the ACEC/MW Board of Directors and is regulated by the District of Columbia’s Office of Campaign Finance. Our members are able to contribute to our PAC so that we can ensure that the interests of our engineering companies are protected as well as the build environment to support the public’s health and safety.


Issue Advocacy

Our DCEPAC advocates for the important issues impacting the engineering industry.  
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Legislative Advocacy Platform


Qualifications-Based Selection


Infrastructure Spending


Fair Procurement Practices


Protecting PE Licensure