2022 Engineering Excellence Awards Submissions for Judges

Instructions for Judging

Hello Judges,

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a judge in this year's competition - on behalf of our Board of Directors, we are grateful for your time and expertise.

Please make sure and familiarize yourself with the Judging Criteria and its corresponding Judging Spreadsheet.

Your mission: 

1) Download the Judging Spreadsheet and place your name at the top.  Save this locally to your computer until you are ready to submit all your scores into our office

2) Click on each project and open the corresponding file to make your review.  Once you have scored the project, close it out and move on to the next one.  This is meant to be done at your own pace, so if you get into a groove and knock them all out at once, please feel free to submit your scores when you are done.

​For those projects you might have knowledge of, please simply recuse yourself and skip scoring that project so that your scores will not be included in our judges scoring tally.

3) Return the spreadsheet back to us at info@acecmw.org by October 18th at the very latest.  Sooner is fine with us.

4) We will have a Judges meeting to discuss the scores.  Date TBD.

Note that the Grand Award winners will not be made public until the night of the gala, which will be on December 8, 2022 at the Sheraton Pentagon City.

If at any time you have questions, please feel free to send a note and we can direct you.  
Thanks again for your time, and have at it!
+ Mac 
Hugh "Mac" Cannon, MPA, CAE
ACEC/MW President




Max. Assigned Score is out of 20 for each category

1. Uniqueness and/or Innovative Application of New or Existing Techniques
  • Does the entry demonstrate the use of a new science or a breakthrough in the general knowledge of engineering?
  • Does the entry represent a unique application of new or existing technology, techniques, materials or equipment?

2. Future Value to the Engineering Profession and Perception by the Public
  • Will the entry redefine current engineering thinking?
  • Advance a positive public image of engineering excellence?

3. Social, Economic and Sustainable Development Considerations
  • Do the solutions identified produce secondary benefits of value to the community environment?
  • Does the entrant’s approach provide society with social, economic, or sustainable development benefits?
  • Does the entrant’s contribution to the project improve the health, safety or welfare of the public or affected environment?

4. Complexity
  • Did the entrant successfully address highly complex criteria or unique problems?
  • Were extraordinary problems of site, location, hazardous conditions, project requirements, or similar elements present?
  • Did the entry require the use of out-of-the-ordinary technology or ingenuity for achievement of the project’s goals?

5. Successful Fulfilment of Client/Owner Needs
  • Did the engineer or entrant successfully engage the client/owner in the overall project development process?
  • Was it an economical and cost-effective solution?
  • How did the final cost relate to the original budget estimate?
  • How closely does the entrant’s solution meet the total goals of the client/owner?
  • Did the entrant meet the client’s time schedule?

Judging Spreadsheet

SPREADSHEET HERE - Due October 18, 2022 - send to info@acecmw.org


Project Name Firm Design/Non-Design Complete File
34th Street Bridge Replacement Project Sheladia Associates Design File
80 M Street SE Arup Design File
Aberdeen Marc Station Connectivity Enhancement Project EXP US Services, Inc. Design File
Alexandria Railyard ATC Replacement M.C. Dean Design File
Brinkley Road Stream Restoration and Asset Protection PRIME AE Group Design File
Bus Rapid Transit Line (FLASH) Construction Management & Inspection Services EBA Engineering, Inc. Non-Design File
Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project AECOM Design File
Freedom Readiness Center WRA Design File
Gambo Creek Bridge Replacement Design-Build WBCM Design File
Gaston Hall Rehabilitation A+F Engineers Design File
Howard Street Emergency Sinkhole and Water Main Repair EBA Engineering, Inc. Design File
King Street-Old Town Metro Access Improvement Project Gannett Fleming Design File
McHenry/Thayerville Water System Connection A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc. Design File
MD 355 at West Old Baltimore Road Intersection Improvements Century Engineering, A Kleinfelder Company Design File
MD 355 Multi-Modal Crossing  Alpha Corporation Design File
MDOT MTA Kirk Pilot BEB Facility Design WSP USA Design File
MDOT SHA Statewide Operations Center Reconfiguration Jacobs Design File
Michigan State Capitol Infrastructure Upgrades and Below-Grade Heritage Hall Loring Consulting Engineers Design File
National World War 1 Memorial  VHB Design File
North Glebe Road over Pimmit Run - Bridge Rehabilitation HNTB Design File
Park Place and Warder Street Protected Bike Lanes Mead & Hunt, Joint Submission with JMT Design File
Public Works and Transit Facility WRA Design File
Reconstruction of Oregon Avenue, NW Volkert Design File
Replacement of 31st Street NW Bridge over the C&O Canal AECOM Design File
Rock Creek Park Trail & Pedestrian Bridge Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. Design File
Stormwater Retrofits Planning and Design Straughan Environmental Non-Design File
Terminal 2, Concourse E - Ronald Reagan Washington National Woods • Peacock Design File
The Catholic University of America New Dining Commons RK&K Design File
The Preserve at Eisenhower Golf Course Stream Restoration Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. Design File
Times Square Shuttle ADA Improvements Delon Hampton & Associates Non-Design File
Transportation Management Center (TMC) Relocation Feasibility Study Precision Systems, Inc. Design File
US 74 Resiliency Study Atkins North America Non-Design File
UVA ITC Data Center Power and Cooling Optimization and CFD Study WRA Non-Design File
Virginia Avenue Protectected Bicycle Lanes (PBL) JMT Design File
Virginia Transit Equity and Modernization Study Kimley-Horn Non-Design File
West Half - Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Design Century Engineering, A Kleinfelder Company Design File
Witter Wheeler Feasibility Study and Campus Master Plan Michael Baker International Non-Design File