May 2021 - Chesapeake Bay TMDL Symposium Virtual Event

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Virginia Speakers

Arlington County Department of Environmental Services, Office of Sustainability and Environmental Management
Jason Papacosma - Watershed Programs Manager


Jason is responsible for the strategic and effective delivery of watershed management programs in Arlington County through policy, program, and project planning, development, and implementation.   He is fortunate to lead a talented and cross-trained team of project managers, engineers, landscape architects, and scientists to deliver leading edge programs recognized in the region and beyond.  Jason has a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Biology from Bowdoin College and an M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Maryland.  Outside of work, Jason enjoys being outside with his family, traveling again in the not too distant future, and hanging 'in' on movie nights.

Fairfax County
Heather Ambrose - MS4 Permit Coordinator

Heather Ambrose – Heather has worked for Fairfax County’s Stormwater program since 2009 where she is currently the MS4 Permit Coordinator.  Previous to this position, she served as the Chief of the Public Facilities Maintenance Section of the Stormwater Management Branch and was responsible for the maintenance of the County’s green infrastructure program.  She received her B.S. in Biology from Virginia Tech in 1999 and her M.S. in Fisheries Biology from Humboldt State University in 2003.  Her early career focused on the trophic pathways supporting Pacific salmonid species in the Pacific Northwest.  She has experience in many areas of stormwater management including watershed plan development, water quality monitoring, stormwater facility maintenance, MS-4 permit compliance and erosion and sediment control.  Heather lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband and two small children.  
Loudoun County Department of General Services
Dennis H. Cumbie - Water & Environmental Programs Division Manager

  • BS Communications 1984, Arkansas State University
  • MS Geology 1997, University of Tennessee
  • CPG - Virginia, PG – Kentucky
  • Water & Environmental Programs Division Manager; Loudoun County, Virginia Department of General Services
  • Email: or
My pathway to Geology and the University of Tennessee was not normal.  I received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 1984, working as a radio sports director and then a television news photographer.  As the news industry changed with the advent of 24-hour news cycles, I began to look for a change.  I began taking undergrad geology courses at the University of Delaware in 1991, then moved to Knoxville in 1993, continuing with undergrad work.  In 1994, I was accepted into the Masters program concentrating on contaminant hydrogeology with Dr. McKay (one of his first three students).  I completed my Thesis in 1997, and began working as a Research Associate at the Institute for Rare Isotope Measurements.  

Later that year, I took a Principal Investigator position with the Kentucky Geological Survey in Lexington.  My research there focused on rural water supply issues in the Western and Eastern Coal Field Regions.  It was there that I gained extensive experience with field scale surveying of groundwater availability, along with analysis of water quality degradation due to natural and human activities.

In 2005, I was hired as the County Hydrogeologist with the Water Resources Team in Loudoun County, Virginia.  Over the past couple of decades, Loudoun County, a Northern Virginia suburb of Washington, DC, has been one of the fastest growing and most affluent counties in the nation.  Through my years with the County, my role has changed from review of hydrogeologic studies and managing a Water Resources Monitoring Program, to issues dealing with water quality on a watershed scale.  My current position oversees the County Stormwater Management Program, a Community Water & Wastewater Assistance Program, Energy Efficiency, and review of state and federal environmental legislation.  These programs have a total combined annual budget of over $9 Million, with another $36 Million set aside in a five-year capital improvement program.

In addition to my work activities, I am a member of the Washington County Maryland Environmental Management Advisory Board, as well as the Earth and Planetary Science Alumni Advisory Board.

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
Chris Swanson - Assistant State L&D Engineer

Chris Swanson is an Assistant State Location & Design (L&D) Engineer at the Virginia Department of Transportation with responsibility for administration of the CADD, geospatial, and water resource programs within L&D.  Chris joined the VDOT Team in 2015, since that time he has been involved in the implementation of VDOT's MS4 Program including TMDL efforts, and has begun bringing synergy between the Department's stormwater and resilience programs.


Maryland Speakers

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)
Sonal Ram, P.E. - Director, Office of Environmental Design
Sonal Ram is the Director of the Office of Environmental Design (OED) and brings over 28 years of water resources engineering and environmental experience.  

As the Director of OED, Sonal directs various programs encompassing environmental compliance, mitigation and stewardship, and context sensitive solutions to support highway capital programs and operations.  She also leads MDOT SHA’s Chesapeake Bay Restoration Program, targeted to enhance the water quality of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.  

As a recent graduate of Leadership Maryland class of 2018, and a sponsor of MDOT SHA’s Advanced Leadership Program, Sonal has been instrumental in bringing about a cultural change in promoting women in transportation.

Anne Arundel County
Erik Michelsen - Deputy Director, Bureau of Watershed Protection & Restoration Program

Erik Michelsen is currently the Deputy Director of Anne Arundel County’s Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration and is charged with managing its stormwater program and its restoration effort to clean up the County’s waterways and satisfy its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and Chesapeake Bay TMDL requirements.  

Prince George's County Stormwater Management Division
Jeff DeHan - Associate Director

Experience includes: Program Management, Contract Administration, Project Management with over thirty years’ experience.  Demonstrated Management and Supervisory experience in Environmental and Stormwater Management Technical and Administrative Programs
Managed Prince George’s County Site Development Inspection Section for 10 years - experience with site development, sediment & erosion control, stormwater and environmental compliance.
Managed Prince George’s County Storm Drain Maintenance Division for 6 years with DPW&T, County wide public stormwater infrastructure management & rehabilitation. Contract Administration and management, management of crews and operations.
2011 – Present.  Associate Director Stormwater Management Division Department of Environment.
Management of Administrative and Operational functions of the Stormwater Management Division.  Responsibilities include review and management of $100M+ Division budget, personnel management, Stormwater Management systems, oversight on Clean Water Partnership (P3), CIP design and construction for water quality and flood control projects, oversee and manage Engineer Consultant services, and construction contracts.  Ensure compliance with County’s NPDES and MS4 permit regulations, and WIP II plan.  Evaluate and write policy and procedure recommendations for the approval of the Director.  Provide opinion and recommendation positions on proposed State and local legislation.
Ohio native.  Attended University of Toledo and University of Arkansas
US Army.  1979 – 1985.  Seven years with 18th Engineer Brigade
Prince George's County Stormwater Management Division
Jerry Maldonado - Supervisor of Environmental Programs

Mr. Jerry Maldonado is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in civil engineering. He received his degree in 1984 with emphasis in structural engineering.  Worked in Charles County Government managing their new stormwater management program from 1985 through 1987.  From 1987 through 1994 joined Prince George’s County Government and worked as a water resources engineer for the newly formed Department of Environmental Resources, designed and build regional stormwater management facilities for controlling stormwater.  From 1994 through 1998 worked in the County’s NPDES permit program, performed watershed studies and introduced GIS technologies to the department.  From 1988 through 2000 worked on the conversion of the County’s permit system from mainframe to client server as part of the Y2K mandate.  From 2000 through 2008 was responsible for the NPDES permit reporting, overseen an inspection compliance team for illicit discharges and private BMP inspections.  From 2009 through 2012 coordinated with MDE the development the County’s first Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP-I) for the Chesapeake Bay, followed by the WIP-II which included four sectors – Urban, Wastewater, Agricultural, and Septic.  From 2013 through 2014 developed the County’s Clean Water Act Fees program for addressing County’s urban load reductions to the Chesapeake Bay, this included determination of fees and legislative proposals.  From 2014 to present, oversees a team of engineers supporting the NPDES permit, development of TMDL implementation plans, water quality sampling, chemical, biological, and physical for various watersheds in the County.  Participates in various committees at the Metropolitan Council of Governments (COG).  Current regional committee chair for the Blue Plains Plant’s Inter Municipal Agreement (IMA-RC). Participates in the Patuxent Drinking Water Reservoir Protection Group’s Technical Committee.

Montgomery County
Frank W. Dawson - Division Chief, Watershed Restoration Division

Frank Dawson has been the Division Chief of Watershed Restoration Division, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection since March 2016.

As Chief of Watershed Restoration Division, Frank is responsible for the planning, design, permitting, construction, inspection, and maintenance programs for the County’s watershed restoration program, working to meet the County’s Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System (MS4) permit requirements. The Watershed Restoration Division also includes the Tree Montgomery, RainScapes, Liter, and Pet Waste programs.  Frank is the co-chair of the Equity and Inclusion Workgroup.  

Previously, Frank served for more than 30 years as a leader, administrator, and policy advisor with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources with a focus on efforts to manage and restore the Chesapeake Bay.


DC Speaker

District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE)
Jonathan Champion - Associate Director

Jonathan Champion is the Associate Director for Water Quality at the District Department of Energy and the Environment.  His Division implements programs to help protect and restore the District of Columbia’s rivers and streams.  These responsibilities include setting Water Quality Standards, monitoring and assessing water quality, tracking and reporting of District stormwater management activities to address MS4 Permit requirements, and long-range planning to meet Clean Water Act goals and objectives.
Jonathan has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University, a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and over twenty years of experience in the environmental field.  Much of his career has focused on water quality issues, with a particular focus on the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  He has a particular interest in using science to inform policy and decision-making that improves the environment and peoples’ quality of life.



Virginia Moderator
Ginny Snead - A. Morton Thomas Engineering

Maryland Moderator
Misrak Tatek - EBA Engineering, Inc.

Project Manager/Associate at EBA Engineering 
MS in Environmental Engineering, John Hopkins University

Maryland Moderator
Harish Patel, P.E., PMP, RLS, LEED AP - Executive Vice President & COO, EBA Engineering

Harish is a professional engineer and professional land surveyor with over 30 years of experience. Since joining EBA in 1989, he has held increasing responsibilities in corporate management. He has served as a  Director of the ACEC/Maryland.

DC Moderator
Brian Meli - Senior Water Resources Engineer, HDR

Brian Meli is a Senior Water Resources Engineer with HDR.  He leads a team of Water Resources engineers out of the Vienna, VA office, specializing in stormwater management for transportation projects.  A graduate of Virginia Tech, Brian enjoys tennis and going on hikes with his family.
Event Coordinator
Norelis Florentino, P.E., MBA, PMP - Senior Manager, Shrewsberry and Associates

Norelis M. Florentino, PE, MBA, PMP is a Senior Manager for Shrewsberry and Associates. Her experience includes resource/project management, hydraulic/hydrologic modeling and design for water/wastewater/stormwater projects, and training over one thousand engineers in various engineering software applications. She has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Central Florida, an MBA from the University of Florida, and a Master of Project Management from Georgetown University. She holds a PE license in FL, VA, MD, and DC. She is the current Vice Chair for the ACEC/MW Water Infrastructure Committee.