May 2023 - Virginia Municipalities Business Opportunities Luncheon

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Presentation File

Attendee List

Follow-up Note From Our Speaker

Hi John,
Thanks for inviting me to speak at the ACEC luncheon today.  I wanted to follow up and provide the following response for one of the questions regarding the use of eVA:
Arlington County has migrated contracts from eVA to Vendor Registry. The County uses the Commonwealth of Virginia’s electronic procurement system, eVA, for issuing informal and small purchase competitive requests; the County uses Vendor Registry for its electronic procurement system for formal solicitations.
I would also like to add the following link regarding the question about DBE/SWAM goals for projects:
Although the county hasn’t fully implemented this, portions of this have been implemented already.
Adil H. Chauhan, P.E.
Bureau Chief
Department of Environmental Services
Engineering Bureau
2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 813
Arlington, Virginia 22201
Office:  703-228-3540
Cell:  703-402-7492


Our Speakers

Arlington County Department of Environmental Services
Adil H. Chauhan, PE - Bureau Chief, Engineering Bureau

Adil Chauhan is a professional Civil Engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree from George Mason University. With a passion for finding solutions to challenging problems impacting the community, Adil has dedicated his career to utilizing his engineering expertise to drive positive change.

Having worked in the private sector as a civil engineer, Adil brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his current role in the public sector. As the Bureau Chief for the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services, Engineering Bureau, he oversees the surveying, design and construction of critical infrastructure projects, ensuring they meet the needs of the community.
Adil's deep understanding of both the technical and administrative aspects of engineering projects enable him to tackle complex challenges efficiently and effectively. He is committed to making a difference by identifying innovative and sustainable approaches that address the pressing issues faced by Arlington County.

With his expertise and leadership skills, Adil plays a vital role in helping Arlington County navigate the intricacies of public infrastructure projects. He strives to find practical solutions that not only meet the community's needs but also align with their priorities.
Through his dedication to excellence and his ability to identify creative solutions, Adil is making a significant impact on the betterment of Arlington County. His commitment to serving the community and his passion for addressing challenging problems drive his ongoing contributions to the advancement of the region.


Fairfax County Department of Public Works & Environmental Services (DPWES)
Vrushali Oak - Chief, Building Design Branch (BDCD)

Vrushali Oak is a Branch Chief in Fairfax County’s Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, Building Design and Construction Division. Within the Building Design Branch, Vrushali leads a diverse team of architectural and engineering professionals responsible for project management, planning, design, budgeting, scheduling, and quality control of a wide variety of Capital Improvement projects, including new construction and major renovations. She guides her team on procurement processes within her Branch, which include selection of professional design consultants and conformance to negotiation and accounting standards.

Vrushali has a master’s degree in architecture and is a licensed architect with over 22 years of professional experience in the field of building design and construction. Her career highlights her experience in complex mixed-use and collocation projects, with a focus towards sustainable design. 

In her free time, Vrushali loves to read, hike and photograph landscapes. She loves to volunteer with her daughter at local schools, participate in CANstruction and enjoys shopping at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore! 


Loudoun County Department of Transportation & Capital Infrastructure
James C. Zeller, PE - Assistant Director, Transportation Capital Projects

  • Born and raised in Garden City, NY on Long Island
  • Studied Petroleum Engineering and Geology at Marietta College (Ohio), class of 1986
  • Relocated to Northern Virginia after undergrad to i) find work in my field and ii) be close to my college sweetheart’s home town
  • Still married to my college sweetheart 
  • Studied Civil Engineering (Geotech) at University of Maryland, class of 1989.  Thesis was studying effectiveness of quicklime to stabilize shrink-swell clays in eastern Loudoun County
  • Two children:  Richard, 27 and Margaret 23
  • Third and Fourth “children”:  Two badly behaved pit bull mix shelter dogs, Punkin and Luna
  • Residence:  Ashburn, VA
  • Outside Interests:  Cooking (when there is time), Rowing (I competed in college and as a “master”.  I currently coach for Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn.)


Prince William County
Shana N. Terry, CFCM, CPPB, VCCO, VCO - Lead Procurement Officer

Shana N. Terry is a Lead Procurement Officer with Prince William County Procurement Services. In her role as Lead Procurement Officer, Shana oversees the Capital Procurement Process for the County’s Capital Projects. Shana has over twenty years of procurement experience in the public/private sector. She holds the following procurement certifications: Certified Federal Contract Manager (CFCM), Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB), Virginia Construction Contract Officer (VCCO), and Virginia Contract Officer (VCO).

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